How to Choose the Best Miami Booze Cruise?

The Miami Experience Boat Party/Booze Cruise is the epitome of a good time. The Miami Experience boat party features the best sounds, an open bar, and an incredible night of partying. The ideal way to spend the day having endless fun while also taking advantage of a selection of all-inclusive services.

Many people confuse booze cruises with other forms of boat ride. YAWN! Imagine yourself sitting at the back of a boat, drinking and watching the Miami sunset. A booze cruise always features free-flowing drinks as well as snacks and live entertainment for its passengers.

The days of staying up all night clubbing in Miami to enjoy the party atmosphere are long gone. A Miami Event boat party lets you kick off your day or night with a unique experience that will make you feel like a star!

Here are some of the many reasons why you should go on a booze cruise or boat party:


Miami offers some of the world’s most gorgeous people, beaches, and waterfronts. The magnificent waves and breathtaking vistas will only contribute to the overall mood and vibe of your Miami boat party. We have many sailings per day to ensure you get the best possible experience. Two of our sites are partying down the coast of Miami and Star Island. No matter where you are, our entertainment staff will always have a selection of exciting activities planned for you. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Priceless Miami Sights and Weather

Nothing helps you reflect on what is truly important in life more than another birthday. Many of us would agree that spending time in nature is one of the best feelings on the planet. Why not spend your birthday among the most breathtaking natural wonders Miami has to offer?

We will take you out to the Miami waterfront to see the stunning Miami skyline if you book with us. When the sun goes down, our evening boat parties will be treated to some of the most beautiful views you’ve ever seen.

One of the best advantages of having a spring break party on a boat is that you can enjoy a club scene while being outside at any time of day. Enjoy the beautiful Miami sunshine with your closest friends. On our party boat, you can get some vitamin D while snapping some amazing selfies to post on IG or  a Tik Tok video.

All About the Booze and Snacks

After a long night of partying, nothing surpasses basic snack bar food and drinks. What kinds of snacks are available at the bar? There are hot dogs, chicken wings, and chips available. Not to your taste? Food and beverages are permitted, however no glass bottles are authorized. What about the drinks? The Miami Experience Boat Party features three hours of unlimited beverages, including vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, and tequila. Do you enjoy attending to parties but do not drink or drive? We have juice and soda for sale! The Miami Experience boat party understands this, and we make sure you have a full cup while twerking the night away!

Booming Beats

Let’s keep it real. If the music isn’t good, the party isn’t good. Anyone who has attended a party with poor music knows what I mean. Our audience can expect a mood that will keep them moving, make them feel wonderful, and create a captivating and exciting setting. A live DJ and emcee will be spinning the greatest in hip hop, R&B, Latin, and reggae vibes.


When it comes to inviting your Miami boat party friends, the expression “life of the party” has never been more accurate. We have dance competitions, champagne showers, and other activities for your enjoyment. Gather a group of friends who can halt, drop, and twerk. Come to the boat party to unwind, pour beverages, and have fun. You will view stunning sunsets and celebrity residences in Miami throughout your 3-hour non-stop trip. Bring your friends so that you can all experience Miami in a new light and create new memories together. A boat voyage, on the other hand, may lead to the introduction of someone special. Don’t ignore it; people have found their soul mates in the most unexpected locations!

Check Reviews

Last but not least, you should spend some time reading the reviews about the boat company. The greatest approach to get a sense of what to expect is to speak with others who have already gone through it.

Not only will a slew of favorable reviews comfort you that you’ll have a fantastic time, but if anyone had any issues or ideas, you may utilize this information to better prepare yourself.

Let's Go!

Now that you’re persuaded that attending a boat party will be the most wonderful experience you’ve ever had, it’s time to plan the festivities! Purchase your tickets, invite your pals, and you’re all set. Get your tickets right away! Get your tickets now!



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